HarborView – Lake View condos with actual views of the lake?

What’s this? A condo development in Lake View that has a view of the lake? We had to pinch ourselves and head straight for MapQuest when we heard about HarborView, at 434 W Melrose St.

We couldn’t find out much more about this mid-rise building of two-bedroom condos, other than it has a rooptop deck for preening. It also has views of some parkland and possibly Belmont Harbor, if MapQuest is to be trusted. At the very least, it sports views of Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive…. Can anyone vouch for the view that the project’s name implies?

But hey, from the developer’s point of view (we’re not even sure who that is – the sales agent was really unhelpful), isn’t it nice to be able to justify slapping up a tasteful backlit picture of a girl running in a bikini and a buff Chad earnestly stretching for a volleyball, on the Web site?

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