If you’re a felonious stripper, call Crazy Steve

If you’re not, stay far, far away.

The Craigslist ad you see pictured above does not, as Illinois law requires, disclose the name of the broker who placed it. If you Google the phone number in the ad you find the site pictured below, which claims “we strictly follow the law.” Sure.

Shaw Real Estate Group, Inc., whose president is Jack Shaw, is a Delaware corporation doing business as My Place Apartments, and not currently in good standing in Illinois. Despite that fact, it holds an active real estate broker license whose sponsor is Anne Shaw, a licensed Illinois attorney. Jack Shaw, its president, is a licensed salesperson. Shaw and Associates, Inc., a legal services entity mentioned on Shaw’s Web site was dissolved in the mid-90s. Shaw Legal Services, Ltd, also mentioned on the site, is in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State.

Based on a review of Web sites and Craigslist ads, we’ve added Crazy Steve, Shaw Real Estate Group and My Place Apartments to our ever-growing rental service do-not-call list.


  • ANON 6 years

    You should probably read up on real estate law a little before you acuse a real estate company of not being doing things legally. The ad that you did a screen shot is completely legal. They have the brokering company’s name on the ad, which is perfectly legal. Because they incorporate in another state does not make their incorporation less legitimate.

    I’ve used this company in a time that other companies only said they would help and in the end those OTHER COMPANIES just took my money and did not deliver an apartment. Shaw Real Estate DELIVERED what they promised. Having bad credit does not mean I’m a irresponsible person NOR DOES IT MEAN I’M A FELONIOUS STRIPPER. In fact I’m a professor at De Paul University who carries a Phd. I could not get approved for an apartment for 3 months and Crazy Steve, though not the most professional persons in the world, found me an AWESOME apartment and not only found me that AWESOME apartment they got me approved. Apartment People, Rent.com and all those other companies you RECOMMENDED and whom you claim are legitimate, took my money and did NOT help me get approved for an decent apartment. I literally spent hundreds of dollars on application fee after application fees.

    Because of you named certain people whom, you said are legitimate and not scam artists, who ripped me off, creates pause for me.

    • victim # 4 3 years

      Hey, Crazy Steve! Is that you? Or maybe it’s Allison — that sweet young lady who told me I forfeited my entire deposit because I didn’t like the cesspool of an apartment I turned down. Yeah, it’s probably you, Allison. The one I begged to give me back my money so I could find a place to live within 24-hours, thanks to MPA waiting till the eleventh hour to work for me. Allison — whom I asked how she could sleep at night after doing this to people all day every day. Allison — who said she slept just fine. You’re a liar, Allison. If you’re still doing that job, you must have a switch that turns your conscience on and off, but don’t even try to convince me that you sleep just fine. Because if you do sleep well, then you are truly lost. You can just hang it up — you and Crazy Steve — both of you sell that lie to yourselves, cause nobody else is buying it. Sweet dreams.

  • ANON,

    You’re a DePaul professor with a PhD and I’m the king of the lost empire of Atlantis.

    You know no more about real estate brokerage law than you know about what I’ve recommended. Apartment People and Rent.com have never received my recommendation.

    There is no licensed broker named in the ad.

    Why is it that all the bedbugs send lying shills here instead of someone with an identity to defend their position? Simple – they’re indefensible.

  • ANON 6 years

    Illinois Real Estate State Law only requires a leasing agent to have to put the managing company’s name OR their managing broker who holds their license on the ad. I never claimed to know real estate law HOWEVER, I do know how to read and to do know how to research to find answers.

    Mr Zekes, apparently is a person who is an uneducated person who apparently is unable to read and comprehend the english language, uses slander, unfounded, and erroneous accusations for your own personal and financial gain.

    You inferred that you recommended Rent.com and Apartment people, when in fact I only mentioned it because I used them and NOT SAYING YOU RECOMMENDED them. The companies you did recommended, however, are the same companies who sponsored your company and I HAVE PERSONALLY visited a few of the companies you listed, asked for their help, ASSURED me they could help, gave them application fee after application fee only to find that they could not deliver what they promised. They had me spend hundreds of dollars in application fees, if anything those companies should be ridiculed. I do have a right to express my distain BECAUSE I WAS THEIR CUSTOMER and I went through the process of several different real estate agencies, NO ONE could help me but Shaw Real Estate Group.

    I have read some of the other people’s complaints about your articles and have realized your stance as an ignorant and arrogant person to whom interprets the law and passes judgement on people with no bases other than your own financial gain.
    Those companies that you recommend and who are sponsoring you, I wonder if they understand they are just as libelous as you and your company are for what you wrote. I wonder, if they knew what you were writing could result in a class action lawsuit if they would continue to sponsor you.

  • Bea 6 years

    Dear Mr. Zekas,
    I noticed that my post was removed after I wrote it. I find that very strange. So, I have no problem re-posting what I wrote about your slander on Crazy Steve, My Place Apartments, and Shaw Real Estate.
    In Short, I am insulted by what you wrote in your article Crazy Steve and Felonious Strippers. First of all, I am a nurse and spent the last 20 years of my life in the same apartment. I paid my rent on time and never missed a payment. I was forced out of my building because it was falling apart and was condemned. I spent the last 40 years of my as a nurse helping other people during a time that they needed help while they were sick and I pray I gave them comfort. Second, I am not a criminal. Third, I am not a stripper however, strippers are humans and to degrade and use them as sub human beings. Crazy Steve may not be the most professional person but, at least he gives people a chance to live and treat people as equals. I know alot of strippers in my line of work. Some ladies that I work with put themselves through school by being a stripper, and they are not bad people. Others are single mothers who have no other forms of support. They need to care for their children and financially support them. These women are upstanding citizens and should not be degraded as you insinuated.
    You and your article disgust me. Shaw Real Estate Group helped me when ALL other failed me. Just because I had bad credit. I went to your sponsors to whom you seem to ONLY support. I ended up spending $2000 in application fee after application fees because the agents told me to apply and I would get an apartment. Let me tell you about the apartment they showed me were all slums and said that this was what I deserved because I simply had bad credit. I was so ashamed. In the end they still did not provide what they promised. I was out $2000 and literally was about to be homeless.
    I read reviews like yours regarding Shaw Real Estate Group, My Place Apartments, and Crazy Steve I was terrified to go. But I was desperate. Had I listen to you and those other reviews, I would be homeless right now, they delivered what they promised, all within 24 hours of me walking into their office. They not only found me a decent place to live, a great landlord, that fit all my needs and then some but, they got me approved and $300 cheaper than what I originally wanted to spend. The team at Shaw Real Estate Group care about their clients, they deliver what they promised.
    You basing your decisions on slandering them because of a few bad reviews… the few reviews I had read, of few of them never even walked into their office they describe events that is not the standard of the company. I know, having spend a day in the office to get me into an apartment you see and hear, and get a good understanding of how the business runs. Shaw Real Estate Group have helped hundreds of people with their testimonials and photos on the wall. Other reviews, the writer seems to be unstable mentally. For instance, the one Yelp review states they have a F rating on the BBB. When you click on the link it takes you to the BBB and thier rating is in fact A-.
    You should NOT be so lazy, do you job, and actually go to these companies personally to see if they are as EVIL as you claim they are and NOT base your opinion on reviews from people you don’t personally know yourself.
    Your articles disgust me, you serve no other purpose but to serve yourself financially when you write your articles. Scare off people who really need the help. I could have saved time that I could have spent with my patients and $2000 had I not been so scared to go to them.
    Anon is right and I agree with them, your editor should be careful in allowing you to write articles because purposely trying to damage a company based on your assumptions or for your own financial gain can get you into a lot of trouble legally. You should be ashamed of yourself and do your job by being non bias to serve your readers not yourself.
    Good luck and God Bless

    • I should be ashamed of myself because I don’t buy your lying impersonation! That’s rich.

      You posted the same comment on multiple posts, and you can’t even remember which false identity you used when doing that! You’re not even a very good liar.

      Why is it that no one who says anything positive about these folks is willing to disclose their real name?

      Do you really think that anyone believes that my clients, honest businesses, ripped you off while Crazy Steve did right by you?

  • bea 6 years

    Dear Mr. Zekas,
    I am not full of contradictions within anything I say. Anon is correct in saying you do lack the comprehension of the English language. As I stated in one of the post, I believed you removed my original post.
    When a person who who has low morality as yourself, why would anyone one trust them with their personal information. I am not the one who contradicted myself where by all accounts you have on a consistent basis contradicted yourself. People have caught you in a lie and instead of explaining yourself you attack them.
    We can see you are a proven liar with very low morality. Anyone who does a little research can find holes in your child like comments.
    Please tell us are you currently practicing Real Estate? Who is your broker? what’s your company’s name?

  • bea,

    You beautifully illustrate what people can expect if they were crazy enough to contact the companies you recommend.

    • Bea 6 years

      Are you refusing to give us your information? What are you hiding?

      • I’m simply refusing to lend you any more credence by responding to you.

        If you want to meet with me on video and identify yourself to stand behind what you claim, I’d be happy to give you whatever info you want. Fat chance of your being put in the position where you would have to tell the truth about anything, however.

  • veronica 4 years


  • Buster 4 years

    Gotta love the passionate “PhD” and other defenders. I wish people like the passionate PhD/Bea could actually grasp how phony they come across when they write things like this, as if the PhD (with very poor writing skills) would be so compelled to defend an apartment rental company. Ridiculous. I’m glad I own a condo and no longer require apartment hunts.

  • mahlerbone 4 years

    I love this thread, so much. If only Illinois were one of the states where only one of two parties need to know a conversation is being recorded…to be a fly on the wall at this “business” would be a real treat. Does anybody have some of those thick black glasses that double as a hidden camera?