Ikea fans, meet Ikeafans

Apartment Therapy, one of our favorite blogs, points out a useful Web site for Ikea shoppers baffled by those cryptic instructions and tiny allen wrenches. Ikeafans.com, run independently of the Swedish furniture superstore, offers its more than 2,000 members a place to suss out potential purchases and compare notes. The site ought to come in handy around moving time – a trip to Ikea in Schaumburg is for many Chicagoans an obligatory ritual of getting settled in a new apartment or home. Now if we could only find a Web site devoted to helping navigate the circuitous route from I90 into Ikea’s parking lot.


  • Ever sit on an Ikea sofa? Ouch.

  • ucsbchick 12 years

    Ikea caused me nothing but frustration!

    The one time I bought something from Ikea I had to go out there two more times to get the pieces that Ikea forgot to put in the box. I had awful customer service and the employees did not seem to know anything about their products.

    Save the gas money and buy things from Target

  • Kate Hawley 12 years

    I hear that. Actually, the Ikea sofa I used to have was quite comfortable – except that after about a year it started to sag in the middle. Oh well – I think I only spent about $200 on it.

  • You get what you pay for at Ikea. I had a custom sofa done in leather about five years ago (for about $1,200 then), and it is not only exceptionally comfortable (what my guests say), but it still look almost new. I easily expect to get another five years out of it before I grow too tired of it and want a new one.

    The quality isn’t always the highest at Ikea, but the prices usually reflect what you get. For design folks, Ikea often offers things nobody else can come close to. I would’t exactly call the furniture at Target all that great. (Even though I love Target.)

  • Ikea seems to cover a wide range of quality and prices, and they seem to match up fairly nicely.

    I was in Stockholm this summer and discovered that the local IKEA is out in the suburbs (as you would expect here in the USA), but IKEA ran a special bus between the city center and the store. With room to carry your purchases back downtown after a trip out to shop. I wish they offered that here, because otherwise I no longer shop there given that I sold my car.