In search of the Lincoln Park Trixie

Yo Joe ventured into the heart of Trixieland this morning for brunch with his Trixie consultant.

We then stood on a few street corners on Webster Ave, breathlessly awaiting the passing of the fabled Trixies, and chatting about their habits and habitat to pass the time.

We had only one confirmed Trixie sighting (blowng a stop sign in her SUV while talking on her cell phone), and one possible (wearing the right handbag). Perhaps they’re nocturnal creatures. Perhaps we were In the wrong locale (Webster, from Bissell to Dayton). Perhaps they’re merely mythical, like the Loch Ness Trixie.

My Trixie consultant, though she lives among them, seemed to know little more about Trixies than what Chads have to say on the Web.

Part one of our foray is above; part two and part three are at YouTube.

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