In-Spired: will condos priced up to $40M sell in Chicago?

A crew of reporters quizzes Dominic Grace, head of Savills Residential Development, about pricing for The Chicago Spire. Grace is handling international sales and marketing for the 150-story tower, which will be priced from the $750s for a studio to $40 million for a duplex penthouse. Michael Golden of @properties, who is leading local sales, also weighs in briefly.


  • paulj 11 years

    A true artist and architect comes to build a landmark in Chicago.

    This is a big swing for Kelleher and I applaud his foresight, vision and risk taking. Does it take the Europeans to pull us out of our midwest patterns?

    Irish developer, Spanish architect, British sales agents.. Thank you for raising the bar.

    The interiors are incredibly sexy. Imagine waking up in the clouds surrounded by those finishes.. Who needs heaven..

    Bravo, Mr. Calatrava, BRAVO!

  • Europeans raising the bar?

    Good thing they’re not New Yorkers. Time for the Chicago chauvinists to chime in.

  • Dmac 11 years

    I would chime in, but you can’t make a good defense when you see some the stylings of our recent developments downtown. Pedantic does not begin to describe LaGrange and Co’s work in recent years.

  • Dmac 11 years

    And yeah, I know he’s not from here, but you get my general drift.

  • Pete 11 years

    I really think it will be tough to sell single condo units for what you could pay for an entire building in the same neighborhood. $40 million buys you a lot of real estate, even in downtown Chicago. And $750,000 for a studio? Get real.

  • Odujoko 11 years

    They’re great investments.

  • I’d love to see a moratorium on pointless, repetitive sarcasm.