Is Chicago Avenue in River North the next hot neighborhood?

The “next hot neighborhood” is an occasional topic of intense speculation among real estate investors and home buyers.

Buzz Ruttenberg and Alan Lev of the Belgravia Group have a solid track record of anticipating the path of development in emerging neighborhoods and building impact projects that accelerate change.

Belgravia was a pioneer in the Fulton River District and West Loop, and much earlier in the Old Town Triangle and Lincoln Park in the days when those neighborhoods began their storied transition to sought-after locations.

Buzz Ruttenberg sees the Chicago Avenue corridor between Rush St and the Chicago River as a location that’s poised for significant change over the next five years. Watch the video to glean some of his thoughts on the subject. This segment is part of a wider-ranging discussion with Ruttenberg and Lev on new construction in Chicago.

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  • Jeff 5 years

    YMCA is a huge factor of why there is limited growth. There is a lot of rif-raff over there and by the mcdonalds. In addition, further west of Orleans, there is a Self Storage building, and public housing CHA row homes. It is going to be patchy re-development and will never flow from Michigan to The River

  • tone 5 years

    The row homes will be demolished soon. The YMCA is going to be gone as well.

    • About 150 of the row houses have been rehabbed. The CHA has not announced final plans for the remainder. There is certainly no plan for their near-term demolition.

      • tone 5 years

        They rehabbed some and the vast majority are vacant. They will be demolished.

  • the urban politician 5 years

    This post makes no sense. How is ‘Chicago Ave in River North’ a neighborhood?

    It’s a street within a neighborhood. Yes, it will surely get built out over the years, but it will never become its own neighborhood. Why would it?