Is the north lakefront rental market getting softer?

As of yesterday evening there were 616 MLS-listed homes and condos for rent in the six north lakefront ZIP Codes that we track periodically: 60614, 60657, 60613, 60640, 60660 and 60626.

The current inventory is 13.6% higher than it was a month ago, and the highest number we’ve seen since we began tracking a year ago in January. The only area that saw an inventory decrease was Rogers Park, where the number of MLS-listed homes and condos is near the lowest we’ve seen.

Reports from the field indicate brisk activity at managed apartment buildings which typically do not list their rentals in the Multiple Listing Service.


  • Chris 5 years

    When you say “north lakefront”, what areas specfically are softening? If you are referring to Lakeview, then I would agree….the street crime at night (the loitering, the iphone robberies, the beatings, the stabbings) there has gotten terrible and most people I know who live there are looking to move out. No one wants to live in an area where you cannot walk outside your apartment at night!!!

  • Chris,

    I listed 6 specific ZIP Codes.

    Lake View is a huge neighborhood and crime is nowhere near as prevalent as you’re suggesting.

    Head to the streets at night and you’ll see crowds of people doing just what you say they can’t: walking around. And enjoying themselves!

  • tone 5 years

    While I don’t live in Lake View, I visit friends there frequently. I’ve never seen any crime and my friends have never mentioned it.

  • Daniel 5 years

    Be careful out there…. crimeinboystown.

  • tone 5 years

    Also, it seems like everything in Lake View rents within a week. Lincoln Park us even crazier.

  • Diane Stearns 4 years

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for posting all the north Rogers Park videos on You Tube. I grew up at 7726 North Ashland and attended Gale School and Sullivan High School. Now, we’re talking a long time ago, because I was born in 1938 (which makes me an old broad). I moved to Boise, Idaho in 1970, which means I didn’t see the downfall of Rogers Park — we’ll hope it comes back before much longer. Anyway, your videos make me remember all the good times, although I do get more than a little homesick. Flatlanders don’t do well in the somewhat barren foothills of Southern Idaho.

    I just wanted to give you a big ‘thumbs up’ for all your work.