Lexington Homes slates new townhomes for Hyde Park / Kenwood

Lexington Homes, a leading Chicagoland home builder for more than 40 years, has launched its latest community: Lexington Shore.

The twenty new townhomes at Lexington Shore feature 3 and 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ and 3 ½ baths, 2-car garages, private rooftop decks, and span 2,216 to 2,507 square feet plus a basement. Pre-completion pricing begins at $359,990.

The interiors of brick and limestone homes have the sophisticated finishes and luxury features that are Lexington Homes hallmarks.

Lexington Shore is located at 4639 S Lake Park Ave in the Hyde Park / Kenwood neighborhood. The Metra Electric Kenwood stop, two blocks from Lexington Shore, connects to the Loop’s Millennium Station in 15 minutes and to the University of Chicago stop in just six minutes. Lake Shore Drive, just across from Lexington Shore, provides quick access to Loop offices, shops, dining venues, theaters, parks, Soldier Field and the Museum Campus.


  • aleks 3 years

    Buy a $360,000 town-home and get battery, vandalism, theft, assault and robbery for free. Simply outrages prices for this neighborhood. Do your diligence people.


    • Ky 3 years

      I’ve lived in North Kenwood (two blocks north of this site) for four years with no issues and I love this area. Battery, vandalism, theft, assault and robbery…never experienced any of that. Do some crime map comparisons between this area and Lakeview, Wicker Park and other north side neighborhoods and you’ll see there’s not all that much going on here. I have no concerns (as a woman) about walking through my neighborhood at night and I walk in this area regularly (Kenwood, north or south, is not scary to me, and I’m not so sure why it is to you).

      That being said, I can’t say I’d want to live in townhouses sandwiched in between those apartment buildings – it’s literally a trashy street, and people long-term double park (on both sides of the street) all the time since there are huge numbers of apartment units and no parking for the residents.

      The townhouses will have no problem selling at that price point. I’m so glad the urban ruins will be gone soon. I’m glad the neighborhood is back on track with all the rehabbing/new construction and I’m definitely glad I bought then instead of now.

  • bundy 3 years

    Aleks, that crime report seems pretty much in line with every other decent neighborhood I looked at. Even Old Town has had 2 armed sidewalk robberies in the last few months so Im not sure your point. Are you saying Kenwood is similar to Old Town and better than Lakeview when considering public safety?

  • aleks 3 years

    I am not. I have spend extensive time in Old Town, Kenwood and Lakeview. Tell me, in which neighborhood will be you comfortable walking alone at night/evening? Kenwood would be the last on my list.

  • aleks,

    Examine the Tribune’s summary of crime by community areas during the past 30 days and you’ll see that Kenwood ranks well below a number of popular North Side neighborhoods. Lakeview has a higher incidence of property crime and quality of life crime than Kenwood. Kenwood has far fewer violent crimes than Lakeview, in absolute numbers (i.e. taking into account the population difference between the two communities).

    President Obama still owns his home in Kenwood.

  • TheBronzevillain 3 years

    Head a little west for increased crime, aleks. Generally, the area bounded by drexel, the lake, 47th, and 43rd (north kenwood) is owner-occupied housing. This keeps much of the violent crime at bay. Crossing cottage grove and heading west, violent crimes go up.

    An important distinction to make is the separate realities (like it or not) of kenwood south of 47th and kenwood north of 47th. Let’s remember, our prez doesn’t live north of 47th. North kenwood can’t compare to the mansions south of 47th but some of the nicest 3 flat graystones in the city exist on drexel, greenwood and Ellis in n kwood. My guess, 90% of th em rehabbed to sfh or condos.

    Condo-conversions complete for years and single-family infill dominate the land scape of nor th kenwood. I, for one, have seen white women pushing strollers down the sidewalk of Lake park Ave north of the proposed development….during the evening aleks. Next time I’m out milf hunting I will stop and ask if they feel safe.

    This is good development for th is area. Take a look at some of the recent sales of single families in the area and the asking price doesn’t seem too outrageous at all. Infill development of scattered vacant lots is still needed in the neighborhood. 43rd street still pretty barren for the most part. But the only way to change that is to establish more density and infill development. Owning in the area bodes well for positive price appreciation in the long term as hyde park expands beyond its borders and south loop creeps further south. This area will continue to change for the better.