Live and Play in Chicago: the creation and management of a Realtor's blog

Jenny AmesLive and Play in Chicago is one of the best Realtor blogs in the city today. For more than a year, Jenny has posted her thoughts and observations on neighborhoods, events, and the real estate market from her viewpoints as a Coldwell Banker agent and a homeowner, without ever giving in to the temptation to write about her own listings. During an interview last week, we talked about the history of Live and Play in Chicago and about the rules she’s set for herself when it comes to when and how she writes.


  • Dan 10 years

    Sorry, but is hardly a quality blog. I is trickling along on life support. Lets count all the post for October, no need to count too high because there is only one. Well October isn’t over yet, so don’t be too harsh. How about September? Well Chicago must have been jumping that month because there are over 3 posts for the whole month of September.

    In order to be a viable blog the author should do multiple posts a day or at least one new item a day. is a much better representation of a real estate blog; – not so much.

  • Quality is in the eye of the reader. Quantity is totally dependent on who you’re trying to reach and for what purpose. I would guess has a different set of objectives than

  • It’s good to see a top agent from a terribly successful real estate family promote blogging (or any kind of publishing concerning everyday real estate experience). The new agent to the veteran agent should take notice. Jennifer basically says “The phone’s not ringing, I need to do something”. She gets it and very few Realtors “get it”. When they do blog, it’s usually badly.

    Blogging is a very good marketing and educational process for the agent…it is one of the top ways to show clients and consumers that you care about your career.
    Although, her interview description of her site does not match the actual content of her blog for the most part (there are very few micro-neighborhood posts). But her good stuff is really good.

    Two really good local Realtor blogs are by Fran Bailey at Baird and Warner and Robert Darrow at At Properties. That’s great blogging and I use their sites as examples when I do agent trainings on social networking and Internet marketing.
    It’s amazing how few good Chicago Realtor blogs there are.