Loft post was YoChicago’s most viewed

Kardas Photography. River East Art Center, Chicago

Back in October of 2007, when then-editor Barry Pearce wondered whether loft condo design in recent developments was stylish or ‘super crappy’ he probably didn’t anticipate that his post would be 2010’s most-read on YoChicago. It has been.

Thus far this year the loft design post was drilled in on over 7,400 times, making it the most focused-on of the year, according to Google Analytics (which typically undercount traffic).

Photos of the Lofts at River East Art Center by our ace photographer Michael Kardas have been selected for a closer look more than 11,000 times at Flickr.


  • I think it is very surprising that loft related key word posts and photos would be the most viewed. Do you have any guess or explanation of this?

  • Eric,

    According to Google Insights for Search, there have been half as many searches for “Chicago lofts” as for “Chicago condos” during the past 6 years. The relative volume of those searches has varied over time, In October 2004, for example, the number of loft searches was almost 80% of the number of condo searches. More recently, it’s close to 30%.

    Lofts are perceived as cool, and they have an enduring appeal, especially to buyers at the very earliest stages of their search – before they connect with a real estate agent – and to young renters. Lofts also appeal to the “just like to look” and dreamer crowd that isn’t really in the market to buy or rent. That’s a much larger group of people than the group of home buyers / renters.

    Flickr only counts a view when someone drills in to look at a larger version of the photo than the thumbnail or detail-page view. Kardas’ loft photos are of highly appealing interiors. They’re like the photos in a shelter mag / “dream book” that people look at for ideas.

    I’m obviously just speculating, but Google and Flickr do give us hard data about what people are looking at and searching for.

    Lofts accounted for 3 of the top 10 keyword searches that brought us traffic from Google since the beginning of this year. Those were: lofts, Chess Lofts, Roosevelt Collection. Searchers for lofts were 98.74% new visitors; 43.41% new visitors for Chess Lofts; and 56.84% for Roosevelt Collection.

    The sheer variety of search terms is what continues to impress and amaze me.

    According to Google Analytics, searchers entered 59,132 different keyword combinations at Google on their way to YoChicago this year, and 109,461 keyword combinations since January 1 of last year.