Look out, South Loop — your Kerasotes theater has arrived

After reading Sloopin’s latest Roosevelt Collection update yesterday, I felt it was time to ride down to pay another visit to the development at 150 W Roosevelt Rd in the South Loop. The place was buzzing with activity by the time I arrived, with workers racing all over the place to get things in shape for the debut of its new 16-screen Kerasotes ShowPlace ICON movie theater. The theater will open tonight with two midnight screenings of Avatar, followed by the addition of another eight films later on tomorrow morning. (You’ll hear me talk about the opening being “next week” a few times throughout this video — obviously the month is getting away from me, because the 18th seemed so far away at the time.)

One of our readers asked in the comments section of an earlier post whether this theater would have fancy seating and other luxuries. According to Fandango, you can reserve your seats in advance, including VIP balcony seats for 21-and-up audiences, which is something you don’t see at many other theaters in the city.

WGN toured the theater with Jerry Kleiner and filed the following report yesterday. Kleiner’s lobby lounge will open along with the theater tonight.


  • the urban politician 8 years

    I’m trying to imagine this area evolving into a place that I’d even consider living and so far I can’t see it.

    From the horrific neighbor-loathing design of Dearborn Park, to the seas of empty grassland surrounding this development, to the wide and dangerous, almost expressway-like nature of Roosevelt (thanks to crummy city transportation planners), I could think of 1001 more places in the city I’d rather plop rent money down on than this.

    The mall seems nice enough, however… But a neighborhood? A lot left to be desired.

  • Milly 8 years

    Aren’t movie theatres the first to shut down when the economy tanks? I don’t know how wise that is.

  • South Looper 8 years

    well Milly it’s actually the exact opposite:

    To TUP, the S. Loop does have a lot of downside. But if you are looking to extol the best aspects of living in the city, close to the lake, different cultures, no crowded or pretentious bars, as well as avoid the traffic on I90, while getting a lot for your money there is no better place. No harm meant, just trying to rep my hood…

  • daveydoo 8 years

    At first glance it seems as if Mr. Kleiner is (like many others) the victim of poor timing. But if he can hang on for a couple years that area is only going to keep growing. The condos and apartments will (granted, more slowly than previous years) start to fill up. The museums and Soldier Field are in close proximity. Plus anything one can get in the suburbs is close by (Jewel, Target and all the big boxes across the river). Those Museum Park towers on the south edge of the park may not have the adjacent sites developed for a few years, but that’s prime real estate and eventually developers will take the plunge.

  • Me 8 years

    You lost me at “leather seating”. Boo!