Love is in the Aerosol in Wicker Park, Bucktown

lovetagIt was last summer when I first noticed this tender tagging that has shown up all over Wicker Park and Bucktown. This example was spotted on Milwaukee Avenue, and there are more scattered around the six corners. This smitten vandal has also made his way to the Chase ATM machines on Damen and Division. I guess he got his bonus after all. The message is almost too endearing to be washed away by Mayor Daley’s Graffiti Blasters, but what’s with the dot dot dot? Maybe they aren’t IN love with us.


  • Bryan 12 years

    This guy is a rip off. There is a very active (yet anonymous) New York City artist that sprays the exact same phrase in a pretty cursive and has been doing so for several years.

    Either this person isn’t aware of the other and thinks he’s doing something very novel and clever, or worse, he’s a chump thief.

  • WoodlawnChuck 12 years

    Or, he’s the same guy? Or, he has been commissioned by said NYC grafartist? They have syndicates too!

    I noticed this whole thing over the last year. My initial thought is that it’s some kind of corporate thing. Either it’s a corporation, or an anti-corporate thing by a group of idealistic mooks.

  • I think this person is trying to rip off the You Are Beautiful project. YAB works because it’s making a statement about the person reading it, whereas “I love you…” just makes me wonder who this person is who allegedly loves me. I find it as irritating a blight as the Latin Kings tags that show up on my block every week.

  • charlie 10 years

    or maybe hes just some kid who had the same general idea that your little yab or nyc artist had. it isnt all the original of an idea to begin with. so why would u be suprised or even offended because someone else came up with it. sorry for not acknowledging every aspect of your existence annie, or YAB. I’ll remind myself who im ripping off if i ever feel like writing i love you on a wall…