Major rehab slated for 2101 S Michigan apartments

The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust has provided $32 million in financing toward a $42 million renovation of the 250-unit, 26-story apartment tower at 2101 S Michigan Ave.

The renovation will include a new lobby, community room and on-site laundry facility as well as energy-efficient appliances and new heating and cooling in the individual units.

The building, which was built in 1971, has a mix of studio to 3-bedroom apartments with beginning rents ranging from $696 to $1,266 per month. As you might expect for apartments at that price in the South Loop, there’s a waiting list.

Added: As of 4/3/2014 we’re told the property does not currently have a waiting list.


  • ashley Anderson 5 years

    This building sucks. When finished with the remodeling they plan on going up on our rent we have to pay for parking just to park in the building smh i wish hud would step in & help us if not im out!!!!!!

  • Wow.

    Do you really expect to pay the same rent to live in a nicer building?

    If people aren’t charged for parking then people without cars will be subsidizing those who have them – someone has to pay the cost to operate and maintain the parking.

  • Big Brown 5 years

    Based on what I have read.. they make no mention of actually making the building from the outside look better. Windows, color of the building, etc. Any insight there?

  • Big Brown,

    The renovation cost of $42M translates to $168K per unit.

    Can’t imagine how that amount of money would be spent without a makeover of the building’s look that includes new windows.

  • big knoc 5 years

    Listen this work thats being done is a joke am a contractor and no good work and this is not it cutting corners every which way take the floor thats being laid wrong cheap cabinets the bathroom really not going to put beautiful tile on the wall just some cheap white laminated crap the sink to big for this small bath room this whole thing is ran poorly.The parking is not my concern i mean hell been parking for free for many yrs and if i lived up north or other areas parking is not even provided.