Million-dollar living on Castlewood Terrace

Representing the high end of Margate Park homes during Sunday’s open house event was the three-bedroom / 3.5-bath single-family home at 920 W Castlewood Terrace. For just under $1.6 million, a buyer can get this home and an accompanying coach house that has served as an architect’s studio.


  • Gayle 8 years

    And the ghost of Studs Terkel haunts the street by night…

  • Gayle,

    The ghost of Studs haunts the whole town.

    Here’s some video we shot at Studs’ 95th birthday party, with Eric Zorn on guitar.

  • Sheridan B 8 years

    Was this house on HGTV or the like about ten years ago? It was owned by an architect if I remember right.