Misquote of the day – only 30 $1M plus sales

Many of the numbers he talks about these days aren’t very pretty, particularly when it comes to Moorehead’s sweet spot: upper-bracket homes.

According to the realty board, only 30 homes sold for $1 million or more in 2010, one fewer than in 2009. And those 30 homes were the fewest number of million-dollar homes sold since 2004.

Chicago Tribune, misquoting Emery Moorehead

One critical piece of information is missing from this story, and another is left vague. Where were those 30 homes sold? The North Shore? Lake Forest? What is the “realty board” that’s referred to? The North Shore – Barrington Association of Realtors, of which Moorehead is currently the President?

The Trib has left its readers guessing about the state of the North Shore real estate market. The reference can’t be to Winnetka, where more than 30 homes sold for more than $1M in the last 4 months of 2010 alone. And it can’t be to Moorehead’s home base of Lake Forest, where more than 30 homes sold for over $1M in the last 5 months of last year.

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