More than a common condo — it's Common's condo!

1400 Museum ParkI was starting to wonder when we’d see another celebrity listing in the news.* For $2,500 a month, plus $150 per parking, you can live in a 1,248 square-foot, two-bedroom / two-bath condo in the (relatively) new 1400 Museum Park, 100 E 14th St in the South Loop, and have Common as your landlord, according to the Sun-Times.

The South Side native — who, at the best of times, has played ego to Kanye’s id — bought the condo a couple years ago for $408,000 and spruced it up with custom lighting, a custom paint job, and built-in closets, says listing agent Jaueline Smith. The home features floor-to-ceiling windows, a separate den / office, a private balcony, and a stone master bath with shower seat sprays. (Smith’s listing mentions views of the Museum Campus, but I don’t see how that’s possible, given that the 09 tier faces west, overlooking Michigan Avenue just north of the 14th Street intersection.)

Other condos listed for rent at 1400 Museum Park include an 18th-floor one-bedroom priced at $1,650, a 13th-floor two-bedroom priced at $2,300, and an eighth-floor three-bedroom priced at $4,200. Units for sale include a one-bedroom priced in the $280s, two two-bedrooms priced in the $430s, and three three-bedrooms priced in the $680s and $690s.

* I totally forgot about your Bucktown home, Doug Glanville — I’ll get around to that one soon, now that it’s actually on the market.

09 tier home at 1400 Museum Park, Chicago
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