New condos at 4846 North Clark host first open house

CMK Realty, the exclusive listing agent for 40 new units at 4846 North Clark, hosted the first public open houses at the property this past Saturday and Sunday. Four of the units were under contract prior to the weekend, and an additional contract was taken on Saturday.

The one-, two- and two-bedroom plus den units have generously-sized floor plans that maximize livability and light. The units have hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, 10-foot ceilings, in-unit washers and dryers, oversized baths and large balconies.

East-facing units have unbroken, sweeping views of the Chicago skyline from Rogers Park to the Loop.

One-bedrooms are priced from $166,900 and 2-bedroom, 2-bath units from $229,900.

Furnished models are available and units can be shown by appointment. You can also take a video tour, below, and additional video will be online within a few days.


  • pedro 6 years

    This isn’t new is it?

  • Eric 6 years

    The units are new to the market.

    I like this location a lot, especially with the new red line stop — however remember this is Uptown (Andersonville my left shoe – shame for playing dirty tricks with neighborhood naming, something you’re happy to call most agents out on) — Joe has made plenty of posts about uptown, and how he feels about it.

  • Eric,

    This location is in the official Uptown community area but I wouldn’t consider it part of the ever-shrinking Uptown neighborhood.

    It’s Ravenswood in my book, and I think most people in the area would agree with that.

    I am, as you note, happy to call agents out on misrepresenting neighborhoods. I allowed this to pass because Heather was careful to say “at the southern edge of Andersonville,” and that’s a neighborhood whose boundaries have been creeping both south and north.

    YoChicago’s map of Andersonville doesn’t extend south of Foster or north of Bryn Mawr, and those boundaries were fixed half a dozen years ago, based on what we heard from people at the time. Since then commercial redevelopment has crept north and south, changing the character of the area and reflecting the changing character of the area.

    This location is a block south of what the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce claims as the neighborhood’s southern boundary.

    The new Bongo Room is just beyond the Chamber’s boundary, and that spot’s opening was part of the reason for my silence. Yelpers, Edgeville Buzz and Eater, among others, are referring to its location as Andersonville.

    There seems to be a new consensus emerging about Andersonville’s boundaries. I’ve been slow to recognize change, based on real estate agents’ aggressiveness about misreporting neighborhood names. I’m learning toward expanding Andersonville to the south on our map, closer to the Chamber’s boundaries, but not yet ready to do so. “At the southern edge” has a decent amount of local and consumer support. I allowed Heather to skate on this because, as Wayne Gretzky said, she seems to be skating where the puck is going to be.

    Whatever name you want to attach to it, this location is substantially unlike the shooting location you link. The Uptown community area encompasses a number of very different sub-neighborhoods.

  • Eric 6 years

    Fair enough, except that segment of Lawrence form Lawrence to Clark feels very much like Uptown. And personally walking that area daily I don’t feel like I’m in Ravenswood until at least Ashland. That said, it only takes a couple of blocks north (or probably a year or two before the neighborhood pushes south) before I would call that area Andersonville.

  • pedro 6 years

    Ceres Table is right there. It’s a great restaurant. This is essentially Andersonville at this point.

  • IrishPirate 6 years

    I call the area between Clark and Ashland and Montrose and and Foster TAINT.

    Taint Uptown, Taint Ravenswood.

    The 4800 block of Clark should be called Andersonville South as it rapidly is becoming likes the blocks to the north.

    South of Lawrence should be called ASS-Andersonville South South.

  • Happy new year, IP. Glad to see that the cheap wine from Jewel hasn’t done you in yet.

  • IrishPirate 6 years

    Happy New Year, Joseph.

    Didya see Jewel is being sold to an investor group?

    I refuse to link because I’m too worried that the store may go upscale and I’ll have to get my cheap wine elsewhere.