New East Village and Ukrainian Village single-families and condos

Noah Properties has been one of Chicago’s best-selling developers the past several years.

The six 4-bedroom, 3 ½ bath single-family homes that Noah has under construction in the 2000 block of Erie have all been sold prior to completion. At the time of this video none of the Ukrainian Village homes was even completely framed out, and two were only at the foundation stage.

Across the street Noah has just begun site preparation work for 3 6-unit condominium buildings, each with 2 4-bedroom, 3-bath duplexes and 4 3-bedroom, 2-bath simplexes priced from the mid-$300s. A sales program just launched for those units.

Two blocks east, on the 1800 block of Ohio St in East Village, Noah is building four 4-bedroom, 3 ½ bath single-family homes, priced in the high $700s. All of those homes are still available for purchase.

Izabela Sloma and Beata Gaska of Sergio & Banks are our tour guides in this sponsored video — and good contacts for early looks at what Noah Properties has in the pipeline.


  • Jack 5 years

    Did they do any environmental clean up after tearing down the dry cleaning facility that was there?

  • I don’t know, Jack.

    It’s been two decades since I listened to an environmental engineer explain to a crowd of angry yuppies that the chemicals from a dry-cleaning plant were contained within the machinery and released only onto peope’s sweaters, etc.

    Do you know for a fact that any cleanup was necessary?

  • Jack 5 years

    Of course I don’t dont that cleanup was neccessary; that’s why I asked the question. You appear to do a lot of work with Noah so I thought you would.

    Do you know for a fact that cleanup wasnt neccessary?

  • pedro 5 years

    A lot times, the clean up may simply consist of an “engineered barrier”, aka a building and pavement over it.

  • pedro 5 years

    We don’t drink out of wells in Chicago, so not much of a concern about drinking water.

  • Jack,

    I’ll repeat that I don’t know anything about environmental on this site. For the record, I work with Sergio & Banks, which is typically the broker for Noah projects, rather than with Noah.