New West Realty – can they get more stupid?

“Getting Close to Move-In!”

That’s the headline on a glowing review of 1555 Wabash by “LadyDesigner” at our site.

The review was written from an IP address assigned to New West Realty, which is marketing the project. LadyDesigner’s e-mail address – no surprise here – traces to a New West employee.

Take a look at the Facebook pages and the blogs for projects marketed by New West and you’ll see this type of deception isn’t an isolated instance. In my opinion, it’s a deliberate pattern of deceit – and one that’s executed as transparently and stupidly as any I’ve seen.

This type of behavior has to stop. It tarnishes the real estate industry, most of whose practitioners find this conduct as offensive as I do.

Until New West cleans up its act by removing from the Web all of the deceptive information it’s planted, this site will not write any posts on New West projects that rely on information furnished by New West.

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