No visible progress at Bronzeville’s Rosenwald Apartments

It’s been nearly two years since I spent a good chunk of two days walking the area around the Rosenwald Apartments, a massive abandoned complex at 47th and Michigan. Members of Rosenwald for All, a group of neighbors who live near the building, accompanied me for part of the time and shared their thoughts in the above video.

Last October the City Council approved $25 million in TIF funding for the project’s renovation.

I stopped by for an updated look on Tuesday, and the scene was almost identical to the above photo, shot in July of 2012.


  • Bridget 5 years


    I live very close to this complex. I’ve been a resident of Bronzeville for over 6 years and own a duplex, nearby. I am also the President of my building’s condo association, representing many other members in this community.

    Like many of the area residents, I chose this area for it’s ideal location. It’s close to downtown, close to the expressways, and close to the lake. Street parking is abundant, but we can’t walk to a Starbucks or a grocery store yet. Pat Dowell has worked hard to entice Mariano’s to the neighborhood as well as Walgreens, but we need more.

    Sadly, this building complex is without any progress. I literally drive by what I often call “the prison”, on my daily commute downtown.

    While I don’t agree with the plans for the property, I would like to see this eye sore disappear; one way or the other.
    The residents in this neighborhood were told that redevelopment was scheduled for the summer. The summer is almost over. The picture you took above in April is still the view in late July.

    What’s going on here? More importantly, what happened to the $25M in TIF money awarded to the developer by the City? Should be be calling the Tribune?