Noah Properties builds a stunning home in Wicker Park

Noah Properties has been building a popular product lately, selling its stylish homes as quickly as they’re built.

Noah Properties is nearing completion of 1419 N Cleaver, a 5-bedroom, 4 ½ bath home with a 2-car garage in the Wicker Park / Noble Square neighborhood, priced at $1,149,000.

The recently-listed home features stunningly attractive designer finishes, unlike any you’ve seen if you’ve been in the market for a luxury residence on Chicago’s north side. It boasts Noah’s signature bright interiors, generous outdoor space, over-sized windows, open floor plan and everything-you-desire features included in the price.

Sergio & BanksMelissa Govedarica is your tour guide in the video.


  • Greg Nagel 5 years

    This is NOT Wicker Park as its East of Ashland nor is it Noble Square as its North of Division. Its actually Pulaski Park which is an up and coming value micro neighborhood of West Town.

  • Greg,

    I’ll agree with you that this location is not in Wicker Park – but a surprising number of people in the area have been calling it that, and neighborhood boundaries evolve over time.

    It is, however, Noble Square. If Dan Rostenkowski were still alive, he’d be shocked to learn he didn’t live in Noble Square.

    Chicago doesn’t have room for two neighborhoods that are called Pulaski Park and, despite the presence of a park with that name in Noble Square, the Pulaski Park neighborhood will remain on the northwest side where it’s been for many years. That’s true despite recent efforts to purge the northwest side neighborhood from Wikipedia and recreate it in Noble Square.

    Again, people’s understanding of neighborhoods is fluid, so the effort to create a second Pulaski Park neighborhood may well succeed among Realtors and newcomers to the area. As of now, it has less credibility in my take than West Bucktown.