Number of MLS-listed rentals hits another low in downtown Chicago

For the second consecutive week the number of downtown Chicago homes and condos listed for rent in the MLS hit a new low.

When we began tracking availability in 14 downtown ZIP Codes back in November of 2009, 1,927 units were listed. As of last Friday, that number fell to 683 despite 199 newly-listed units having come to and remained on the market during the preceding 7 days.

We continue to hear that attractively-priced units are renting almost immediately, and that demand remains strong.

You can see all of our data, by date and ZIP code, in this Google Docs spreadsheet.


  • Judith 6 years

    I put in an application today to rent a condo, and I’m waiting to hear whether it’s going to me or to the other potential tenant. The condo hit the MLS 4 days ago, and the listing agent wasn’t showing it on Easter Sunday.
    Several other properties hit the MLS last week, and they were all rented by the time I got to town this week to look at them.