Oakwood 200 Squared is a Walker’s Paradise

The popular WalkScore.com website gives Oakwood 200 Squared’s location, 210 N Wells St in Chicago’s Loop, a 98 of 100 Walk Score* rating – labeling it a “Walker’s Paradise.”

As helpful as it is, the rating misses many of the intangibles that make Oakwood 200 Squared’s location a walker’s paradise. For starters, consider the visual richness and drama of the architectural treasures that line nearby Wacker Drive and the Chicago River, just a short block away. The Loop’s theater district is also at your doorstep, as are a satisfying array of dining options from hot dogs to haute cuisine.

The popularity and mixed nature of the area also includes private and governmental offices, educational institutions, museums and destination retailing among others. All make for a lively, energetic neighborhood that’s perfect for people-watching. Nearby Pedway access provides underground connections to much of the Loop on blustery winter days, making it a winter walker’s paradise as well.

Oakwood 200 Squared residents also appreciate the transportation options of its central location. Taxi cabs are plentiful 24/7, access to the city’s expressway grid is within a half-mile, water taxis traverse the river, and easy access to public transit is within steps of the building’s front door.

For more information about the amenities, pricing, and availability of units at Oakwood 200 Squared, check out Oakwood 200 Squared or call 877-388-9116.

* A Walk Score rating is based on a set of objective factors and calculated by the site’s own algorithm. Factors include the number, variety, and relative proximity of restaurants, shops, grocery stores, parks, bars, entertainment venues, public transit, and schools.

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