Plan Commission approves major redevelopment of Lake Meadows

Lake Meadows development rendering, Chicago

The Plan Commission‘s approval of a mixed-use development across from Wrigley Field won all the headlines last week (more on that one later), but another, much larger development in Bronzeville also got an OK.

Had Chicago landed the 2016 Olympics, Draper and Kramer most likely would have moved full steam ahead on the redevelopment of Lake Meadows, the 70-acre apartment complex located on Martin Luther King Drive between 31st and 35th streets. Without the games or a more favorable climate for new construction, the plans now call for the addition of 7,845 residential units and 1.2 million square feet of commercial space over a 30-year span, starting with the construction of a new grocery store, says Gordon Ziegenhagen, assistant vice president and project manager for Draper and Kramer’s development group.

Yesterday afternoon Gordon passed along these two mockups of the full Lake Meadows redevelopment plan. For more background on the story, click over to the Skyscraper City forums, where people have been talking about the plans since January 2008.

Lake Meadows development rendering, Chicago


  • futuredoc 8 years

    Gentrification is happening too slowly in bronzeville, the urban riff raff are still too present, this nabe needs a serious jolt. I hope Draper is succesful. i HOPE they ignore the community activivists who want affordable housing(section 8) built.

  • futuredoc,

    The nabe doesn’t need your approach to it.

    My guess is that your definition of riff raff is anyone who doesn’t look like you?

  • Sheridan B 8 years

    ugh, this makes me sick to my stomach – I’m one of the few people who like Lake Meadows, Prairie Shores and South Commons and pulling down the existing buildings (from the above as far as I can see) is just foolish and wasteful, at least build with them in place. Now that Preckwinkle is no longer Alderman, depending on who replaces her, things may change.

  • Mike s 8 years

    Well Bronzeville sits on a prime location. Its 10 minutes from the loop less to the lake, it is in close proximity to 55, the ryan and lake shore drive. I for one think its happening to slowly as well. As a home owner in the neighborhood I would love to see more commercial businesses move in, restaurants, shops ect.