Popular tiers selling quickly at 565 Quincy

565 Quincy, 565 W Quincy St, Chicago

Since new price points went online at 565 Quincy last month, buyers have snatched up all or most of some of the building’s individual tiers.

For example, the 09 tier on the 565 Quincy’s new-construction floors has sold out completely, says Belgravia Group sales rep Erin Mandel. Belgravia had sold only two of the two-bedroom / two-bath units prior to January, meaning nine have gone under contract in just a few short weeks.

Buyers are running out of chances to get a new-construction 03- or 04-tier condo, too. The 795 and 800 square-foot one-bedrooms proved to be popular once prices dropped down into the $250s. You can see floor plans for both homes below.

Tier 03 at 565 Quincy, 565 W Quincy St, Chicago Tier 04 at 565 Quincy, 565 W Quincy St, Chicago


  • recent565buyer 9 years

    Good to hear on the 09—Any word on how many contracts they’ve signed since the price reduction?

  • Forty-nine (49) sales since the price reduction. Information current as of about 2 minutes ago.

    That’s a tremendous response in this market.