Question of the day – who’s getting the supervouchers?

Crain’s Chicago Business reported yesterday that the Chicago Housing Authority is issuing “supervouchers” that enable low-income residents to rent in some of the city’s priciest apartment buildings. Supervoucher recipients are currently renting, for example, at 500 Lake Shore Drive and Aqua.

There are important public policy and resource allocation questions to be considered. But, this being Chicago, the more interesting question is who the supervoucher recipients are and whether they’re clouted up and by whom.

Anyone have any answers?


  • dn 4 years

    Would love to see the rationale behind this. Wonder if I can get a super voucher that allows me to rent a lakefront mansion on Sheridan? After all I’m probably low income compared to the average resident in that neighborhood.

  • Mike 4 years

    If you guys at YoChicago have some free time, can you explore to see who is actually getting these vouchers? As you hint in your take on the news, it would be a great piece of investigative journalism / news to dig up what clouted connections are receiving tens of thousands of dollars in subsidized rent. Your web traffic would go thru the roof if you guys find a political connection.