Quote of the day – suburbanizing Chicago

From an op-ed by Dennis Byrne in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune:

A real “back-to-the-city” movement would require Emanuel — and city planners — to examine what city emigrants seek in the suburbs. Not just better schools and safety, items that top Emanuel’s priority list. There’s more: space, freshness, local libraries, neighborhood schools. A government that’s closer to the governed. And don’t laugh at the mundane, such as parking places and excrement-free sidewalks. All the things that thousands of city workers want if they were allowed to live outside of the city. All the things that Emanuel enjoyed growing up in Wilmette.

The market is telling Emanuel something, and he should listen.


  • Sheridan B 7 years

    Oh, no a CPS discussion, but this isn’t Cribchatter, doesn’t look at all like it….

    The majority of Chicagoans aren’t college bound and I think the schools serve that population. If the population demanded their kids go to college the schools would change overnight. Hence differences between schools based on who they serve. I think I just oversimplified that.

    Of course, from that quote, something else is left out, but I’m not touching it with a ten foot pole.

  • Sheridan B,

    Ten feet? I’ve never seen a Pole anywhere near that tall, even when I lived in Milwaukee.

  • Sheridan B 7 years

    They only exist in the Carpathian Mountains and don’t emigrate Joe!