Quote of the day: Buying into a piece of junk

Unfortunately there are some real estate practitioners – and this is a sad statement as far as the industry is concerned – who will recommend a home inspector who is a soft touch … and unfortunately the buyer is buying into a piece of junk or is buying into a building that very soon will be needing a major special assessment …

Lino Darchun, Coldwell Banker, Lincoln Plaza

The quote is taken from one part of a wide-ranging video interview with Lino Darchun, the charter member, for Lincoln Park, of our new Chicago Real Estate Experts network, which is currently in a “stealth launch” phase. You can see the rest of the interview at Lino’s profile page at the network.

Finding a team of real estate professionals with genuine local expertise is a daunting challenge for many buyers and sellers, given the fact that there are tens of thousands of real estate agents, attorneys, home inspectors, mortgage lenders and other pros in the Chicago area. Our expert networks introduce home buyers and sellers to a limited number of pre-qualified, experienced neighborhood experts and enable knowledge-sharing in a richly interactive social network. Check out the soon-to-launch Chicago and North Shore networks, and stay tuned for more.

We’re pleased to announce that the Chicago Tribune will be the exclusive media sponsor of our series of real estate expert networks.

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