Quote of the day: Those nasty, "aggressively rude" real-estate bloggers

“The current real-estate market has brought out the worst in people.”

-David Gibbons, director of community relations for Zillow.com, commenting in a recent Wall Street Journal article on how the housing slump has led to a rise in verbal abuse directed towards home sellers on real-estate blogs and Web forums. The WSJ trend piece finds that the struggling housing market has actually been a boon for some real-estate blogs because it gives buyers a place to vent their frustrations.

“The skewering of fancy properties can be wicked fun – unless you’re the owner,” the article says, concluding that selling your home online can be “bad for your ego.”

The one seller who’s able to “tame the mob” in the WSJ piece is the one who actually logs on to the comments section and defends her home, which is probably the best advice you could give a seller or developer who feels that their property is being unjustly trashed by anonymous commenters on the Web.

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