Racial discrimination at Galewood Crossings?

The Tribune recently wrote about a lawsuit brought by the CHA against board members of the master association at the Enclaves of Galewood Crossings in the Austin neighborhood. The CHA had contracted to purchase a number of townhomes in the community, and recently closed on the purchase.

The lawsuit alleges that the adoption of limits on renting homes in the community was motivated by racial discrimination, despite the fact that the community is largely African American and Hispanic and several board members are African American.

Whatever the facts might prove to be, it’s clear that homeowners at Galewood Crossings have taken a beating on resale values. We posted on that topic a year ago in April, and resale prices haven’t improved since then.

A 3-bedroom, 2 ½ bath single-family at 5331 W Galewood that sold for $479K in April of 2008 resold this April for $190K. A 4-bedroom, 3-bath townhome at 5246 W Hanson sold new for $328,500 in July of 2008, resold for $70,300 in December of last year and resold again earlier this month for $155,000.


  • carmelcutie 4 years

    The reality is even middle class blacks don’t want to live with low class blacks. I know I don’t. There is a reason this area is supposed to be gated in an area like Austin. Can u actually blame them for doing this. I would be upset if I was a home owner and the CHA was allowed to buy homes in my area. Hasn’t the CHA done enough destruction. THEIR BUDGET IS TOO BIG, OMG THEY CAN AFFORD TOBUY HOMES NOW! Everyone please contact Congress and tell t hem to cut the HUD BUDGET. If they have money to buy here they can buy anywhere they could buy housing where u live its just a matter of time.

  • carmelcutie 4 years

    What also makes me upset and should make other black people upset is: CHA/ HUD is always buying up the majority of the housing in black areas. Its like a slap in the face to the black middle class saying NO! NO! NO! you aren’t allowed to have a nice community like other groups of people whatever community you live in we will turn it into a dumping ground for people we don’t want in the other nonblack communities. Go look it up (the oversaturation of CHA housing south vs. north) why is the CHA continuing to have the majority of the housing in already struggling marginalized communities. Why aren’t they buying homes in Chinatown, Greektown, Lincoln Park. If they are going to buy homes this is where they should be. Their policies are actually perpetuating segregation, and marginlization of communities that harms their chances for economic development. This is nothing more but more of the same CHA policies of black/southside ghettoization.

    Also people need to stop using the race card when it has nothing to do with race. This is why we aren’t taken seriously when it really happens. If this is the best argument the CHA has then they should lose the case. This CHA is just despicable. Look at low the value of the properties has gotten. Congratulations CHA you have just created another slum. The CHA will continue this assault on middle class blacks until their funding is cut by Congress so they can’t buy more property doing more damage.

    • Check the price levels here. There’s no way the CHA could buy anything in Lincoln Park, etc. at comparable prices. The CHA took advantage of low prices here; it wasn’t responsible for them.

      For the record, the CHA does have housing in Lincoln Park and in predominantly white communities on the Near North Side, and is planning to build more on the former Cabrini and Lathrop sites.

  • carmelcutie 4 years

    I never stated they didn’t own properties north. They own a disposition ate amount of units south. THE vibrancy and stability of the Northside means they can absorb this housing while the depressed south cannot. This make a better area. This is simply politics the CHA was sued before on the south side and lost. If CONGRESS doesn’t act we will have to sue again.

  • carmelcutie 4 years

    Oops I have typos using iphone. I meant to say disproportionate