Ravenswood Terrace, 150 new apartments in Ravenswood

The new Ravenswood Terrace apartments will be immediately north of a Mariano’s that’s currently under construction, and a short walk from the Ravenswood Metra stop.

Belgravia Group, the project’s developer, is better known recently for building luxury condominiums on Lake Shore Drive and in the West Loop, but the company has a lengthy history in building and renovating apartments.

Occupancy is slated for May of next year. One-bedroom apartments are projected to start at $1,400 and two-bedrooms at $1,800 a month.

Belgravia founder Buzz Ruttenberg and CEO Alan Lev outline the scope and status of Ravenswood Terrace in the video.

Note: Belgravia Group is a YoChicago sponsor.


  • CaptainVideo 5 years

    It is unfortunate that the NIMBYs prevented the developer from building the denser development that this prime transit-oriented location called for.

  • Pedro 5 years

    It actually makes me mad. Some mid rises there are very appropriate.

  • In the silver lining department, guys, low-rise construction is less expensive, so the residents are likely to enjoy lower rents.

    • Pedro 5 years

      I understand, but still agree with CaptainVideo.

  • CaptainVideo 5 years

    But the city and schools will get less tax revenue with the low rises than with the mid rises that would have been appropriate for this location.