Renaissance Lofts watch – another unhappy owner

A search on Kopley Group at YoChicago will quickly lead you to comment threads reflecting the plight of Kevin Black and the early buyers at Renaissance Lofts.

Yesterday another buyer, David D, began blogging at NewHomeNotebook about his request that The Kopley Group honor a buyback guarantee on his unit.

I’ve coldly turned away pleas from a representative of The Kopley Group to meet with its principal. My rationale? I’d already far exceeded my lifetime quota of time spent with what I perceived as sleazy developers. I made that harsh judgment based on the impossible-to-believe hype that I saw on the developer’s Web sites.

I’m hoping that things turn out well for David D, and that his guarantee is honored. My experience tells me that’s an unlikely result.

Buyers have an unprecedented range of choices today and would be well advised to shun completely any developer whose Web site contains blatant misrepresentations. Investigate your developer and work with one of the many who have a track record for integrity and make only credible claims on the Web.

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