Rent-to-own proves popular at 235 Van Buren

The recently-launched rent-to-own program at 235 Van Buren has proved popular with buyers who are looking to hedge their bets on condo ownership and satisfy themselves that they’ve made the right choice of building and location.

At any time during their 12-month lease renters can become buyers and receive a credit of 30% of the rent they’ve paid toward closing costs, up to 3% of the purchase price of their unit. You can meet some of the buyers, and learn the reasons for their purchase decision, at 235 Van Buren’s video page.

The 46-story 235 Van Buren won a Distinguished Building Award (PDF) from the American Institute of Architects.

CMK Realty’s January Sambell talks about the program and the seemingly-endless array of dining establishments in the area in this sponsored video.


  • Pamela 6 years

    I’m interested in the rent-to-own condo option. I’m looking for a 2 bed, 2 bath unit, not pass the 20th floor if possible for at least 250,000k and at least 1080 – 1200 sq ft. with dark brown kitchen cabinets. If ypou have anything in this areas available I would apprepraite a viewing. Thank you.

  • Pamela,

    We’re just a website. Follow the link to 235 Van Buren in the post for contact info.

  • Pete 6 years

    I can see why rent-to-own would be popular with the landlords, but what advantage does it really give me as a tenant and future owner? 3% (or more) off the closing costs could be negotiated in any event.