River North’s most Liked apartments on Facebook

Can someone who doesn’t live in an apartment building learn anything meaningful about it just from the number of Facebook Likes the building has, compared to neighboring buildings? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Like and pay attention to the Facebook Pages of buildings you might be considering for your next apartment.

Facebook Pages are often a good way to gauge how active a building’s activities program is, and how much effort a building is making on behalf of its residents by arranging for on-site food, discounts and events at local businesses and more. A building’s Page can also offer valuable insights into problems residents are experiencing with management or building services and how well management responds to problems.

For your convenience, we’ve prepared the following list of River North apartment buildings that have Facebook Pages, and ranked them in descending order by their number of Likes:

  • EnV, 161 W Kinzie, 938 Likes
  • Flair Tower, 222 W Erie, 759 Likes
  • Grand Plaza, 540 N State, 264 Likes
  • Kingsbury Plaza, 520 N Kingsbury, 261 Likes
  • River North Park, 320 W Illinois, 208 Likes
  • Asbury Plaza, 750 N Dearborn, 180 Likes
  • The Chicagoan, 750 N Rush, 134 Likes
  • West 77, 77 W Huron, 124 Likes
  • Parc Huron, 469 W Huron, 106 Likes
  • The Bernardin, 747 N Wabash, 92 Likes
  • One Superior Place, 1 W Superior, 56 Likes
  • NOTE: The numbers were accurate as of 3/31/13.

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