Sales update: 9 townhomes left at Union Row

Union Row

Union Row, Belgravia Group‘s 35-unit development in East Pilsen, has nine townhomes left for sale. That’s an improvement from a year ago, when Yo reported 15 were still on the market. Price points range from the $530s to the $690s for the remaining floor plans.

Union RowAt first blush, the location (directly adjacent to both the Dan Ryan Expressway and a Metra rail line) doesn’t come off as stellar. Belgravia chose instead to play up the project’s position within the broader Pilsen / University Village neighborhood. A large map in the sales center points out the variety of restaurants, art galleries and retail spots within walking distance of the homes. The developer also hosts monthly “art walks” to buyers them acquainted with the galleries in their new neighborhood.

Even the public amenities will see upgrade in the near future. Jefferson Playlot Park, just south of Union Row, is set for a significant redevelopment this summer, courtesy of the Chicago Park District. Brett Owen, a sales rep at the project, says the park improvement is a key element of the new community Belgravia is building in East Pilsen.

“The city’s actually going to be expanding the park by about 40 percent,” he says. “That’s scheduled to happen this summer, and the park is literally about half a block from Union Row. You won’t even recognize this area in a year, year and a half.”

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