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Single-family home sales up consistently across Chicago neighborhoods

by Jeff Baird on 10/25/11

The city saw a 30% increase in single family homes last quarter of the previous quarter, and the increase was consistent across the top 20 neighborhoods I track in Chicago Housing Quarterly market report. Condo and townhome sales increased 25% over last quarter.

Of the top 20 neighborhoods:

  • All saw increases in single family home sales over last quarter
  • 17 of 20 saw an increase of 25% or more over last quarter
  • 15 of 20 saw an increase of 10% or more over the same period last year
  • Among condominium and townhome sales, 18 of 20 neighborhoods saw an increase over last quarter, but just 8 of 20 had an increase over the same period a year before.
  • While sales are expected to increase in the third quarter of any year, the effect was certainly more pronounced in 2011.

    Jeff Baird is a real estate valuation consultant based in Chicago. He founded Lakeshore Analytics to bring comprehensive, understandable housing data and analysis to Chicago-area readers. The site features a blog with free market news and charts, summary data on 20 top neighborhoods, and quarterly data subscriptions.

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