Slow progress on Chicago Avenue condos

When I stopped by in early August, picture above, the 8-unit condo building at 2424 W Chicago Ave was nearly topped out.

Yesterday’s visit showed less progress than I’d expected after the passage of three and a half months. Work was in progress, but the building still wasn’t fully closed in. A sign on the building touts late 2013 delivery.

Four units are listed in the MLS at 2424 W Chicago Ave. They range from a 1,600 square foot 2-bedroom, 2-bath listed at $390,000, to a 2,400 square foot 3-bedroom, 2 ½ bath top-floor unit priced at $559,000. Garage parking is included in the price.


  • Buster 4 years

    This property is still under construction. It has windows now. Yet still lots of exposed durock boards as the exterior on the front, with unsealed seams. Do you see many buildings that use durock boards as the exterior finish with a light coat on top?

    Just curious as I passed it yesterday and, from the untrained eye, it looks kind of slapped together.

  • Thanks for the update.