South Loop apartment deals and finds

Note: Information is now available on our new Deals page.


  • James 4 years

    I wonder if 1000 South Clark is going to have a preleasing special of sorts?
    It’s crazy to think of all the competition soon. Coming to the south loop.

  • James,

    The building’s website has gone fully live and floor plans and rents are available. An on-site leasing office is slated to open early next week and you can get info re any specials at that time.

  • the urban politician 3 years


    Joe, you need to start another website where we can discuss your opinions and we can hold spirited debates like we did in the old days.

    Nothing to discuss here.

  • tup,

    Hopefully the site isn’t boring new home buyers or renters who are looking for new apartments. That’s the only audience I’m interested in reaching these days.

    I do follow your knowledgeable comments at SkyscraperPage, and recommend that people who are interested in participating in discussions on architecture, development and urban topics head to that forum.