Staybridge Suites: Chicago's Christo?

Staybridge Suites, LaSalle and Huron streets, Chicago

Spend any time in River North and you’re sure to get a glimpse of the neighborhood’s monument to a bad economy: Staybridge Suites at Huron and LaSalle streets. Construction on the Perkins & Will Valerio Dewalt Train-designed high-rise came to a halt almost two years ago.

Staybridge Suites, LaSalle and Huron streets, Chicago


  • it's me 8 years

    Really? This is the whole article?

  • You were expecting Shakespeare, perhaps?

  • it’s me,

    Maybe your bankrupt newspaper has something to learn from us.

  • Sheridan B 8 years

    “Construction on the Perkins & Will-designed high-rise came to a halt almost two years ago.”

    >loud buzzer noise<

    Wrong architect guys, it's Valerio Dewalt Train. And the first staggered truss building in Chicago.

  • This is what we get for not covering hotel development. Thanks, SB.

  • Jeff 8 years

    It’s a shame, it was one of very few cool RN projects started at the end of the boom, so much unlike the boring beige that really defines the RN “architecture” of ’00s. SSDD

  • Papu 8 years

    Question for the experts… Does the city have the ability to fine whoever the current owner of this property for having to keep the sidewalk closed?

  • Papu,

    City has lots of powers, fining being the least of them. They could, depending on circumstances, even order demolitoin at some point.

  • James Harris 8 years

    I’m with the guy asking if this is the whole article. I’m interested to know what will happen with this development and Water View for that matter.

  • James: As a regular reader, you’ll know that we don’t cover hotel development outside of the occasional hotel/condo project, so we have no insight into its current situation outside of what we read elsewhere. Our interest in Staybridge really begins and ends with the sad state of its appearance and its place within the neighborhood, hence the vignette posted above. I’d recommend checking the archives of Crain’s Chicago Real Estate daily for reports on its progress.

  • Waterview is obviously a different situation, one that we’ll continue to keep an eye on in the years to come (and I think it’s safe to say “years”). Even then, we reserve the right to post a new photo of its parking deck and a couple of short sentences now and again, even if there’s no news to pass along.

  • James Harris 8 years

    I don’t mind the new pictures, it’s just those types of updates make me want more. I actually remember seeing the project in a video here on 150 superior but I never connected that with the Staybrige renders, so for me that was interesting to see what could or might be there one day.

  • The last Crain’s report I can find is from October 2008, right after a foreclosure was filed against the project:

  • Papu 8 years

    The city should fine the crap out whoever owns this thing to influence them to finish it or tear it down. It is also a safety hazzard, which should force them to have some serious insurance coverage.

  • James Harris 8 years

    I would rather them finish this than to tear it down, maybe another developer will save it in the future. 🙁