Streeterville’s best apartments – Expressway access

The first posts in our series on the best Streeterville apartments spotlighted the buildings with the best views and most convenient access to grocery shopping, public transportation and parks and beaches.

Convenient access to the city’s expressway grid isn’t among the many positive aspects of the Streeterville neighborhood. We’re not picking a winner in this category.

Reaching I-90/94 and the city’s other expressways can be agonizingly slow from any point in Streeterville. If you commute regularly by car to the suburbs or the outer stretches of the city, you’ll want to think long and hard before moving to Streeterville.

If you decide that living in Streeterville is worth the often-torturous slog to the expressway, you’ll want to consider the travel time between your apartment door and your garage door. The time spent waiting for elevators and navigating the ramps in a high-rise parking garage may be much longer than you’re comfortable with.

If you disagree with our selection, chime in with a comment.

You’ll find links to our objective, visually-rich apartment reviews of Streeterville buildings, and links to near real-time availability checks for most of the buildings, at our Near North at-a-glance list, and some tips and advice at our Guide to renting in Streeterville.

Next topic: Walking distance to the Loop.

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