Stupid Realtor tricks – open house edition

Some Realtors never come up short on ways to waste your time by bait-and-switching you into looking at their listings.

Hat tip to a CribChatter commenter for surfacing one of the latest Stupid Realtor tricks: gaining visibility in open house searches by scheduling open houses in the MLS from 6 to 6:15 a.m. on Sunday.

The agent has pulled this trick on at least one other listing. If the property is not in fact open for viewing at that time, will the MLS fine this @properties agent for what clearly appears to be abusive behavior? There’s no doubt, as the CribChatter comments suggest, that some consumers will punish him and his sellers by shunning his listings.


  • greg 7 years

    Even more hilarious: the @properties agent who scheduled the 6:00 a.m. “open houses” boasts on his profile that: “Integrity and honesty are imperative in building a relationship with my clients.”

  • I saw the same bit on the bio – funny! But I wonder what’s the point? What does the open house in the MLS do for the agent?

  • Robert,

    The agent is pretty obviously trying to get visibility for his listings in open house searches without actually running an open house.

    He also obviously doesn’t understand a) how badly this reflects on him and b) there are consumers out there who are dim-witted enough to show up at 6 am and ring doorbells.

  • Janet 7 years

    How about this one. Same agent had a short sale listing at 2647 W Logan a few months back. 3 flat priced way under market value. The property had its cabinet faces, bathroom vanities, and toilets removed and nicely hidden throughout the property, walls superficially spraypainted and phone book pages and beer cans everywhere. Units 2 and 3 had “no access” despite some photos on the MLS of just devastated units (now removed). Looking through the windows and at the condition of the property, they were obviously fake photos. Now the same agent who represented the seller has rental listings for the 3 units between $1,650 and $2,500+. And magically, all of the units are back in their original condition. I have heard of being creative when it comes to getting a BPO, but when someone appears so close to all sides of the transaction, i get a little suspicious.