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Bypass 1,000s of Craigslist apartment spam ads with a single click

Kardas aerial

Chicago’s rental services promise to make your apartment search swift and painless. To encourage you to use their services they attempt to make your Craigslist search time-consuming and painful. We’ve singled out the 10 worst Craigslist apartment ad spammers and find it difficult to understand why anyone would work with a company that’s so flagrantly ...

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Posted by Joe Zekas on July 1, 2014

Craigslist’s top ten Chicago apartment spammers

Craig Newmark

Craigslist doesn’t allow ads to be posted more than once every 48 hours and prohibits keyword spam, i.e. the use of irrelevant terms in ads to draw attention to them. Illinois law prohibits advertising property without written authorization. Over-posted ads, ads stuffed with irrelevant keywords and unauthorized ads are spam. You wouldn’t respond to spam ...

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Posted by Joe Zekas on May 19, 2014

Killing Rent Proactive spam ads on Craigslist

Rent Proactive Craigslist screen cap

According to Craigslist, “Free classified ads sufficiently flagged are subject to automated removal.” Rent Proactive, a Chicago-based apartment finder, has long been one of Craigslist’s worst ad spammers, the subject of highly-suspicious reviews at Yelp, a charter member of our rental service do-not-call list, and a disloyal vendor to landlords whose apartments they’ve rented. I ...

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Posted by Joe Zekas on December 30, 2012