The clock tower twist in Howard Street’s shaggy dog story

If you’ve never been to Howard Street in Rogers Park you might be surprised to learn that a lengthy streetscape project was recently completed.

The installation of a clock tower at Howard and Rogers marked the completion of the project, which cost approximately $6.5 million.

At an EveryBlock thread you’ll see the clock tower described as “really classy” and “very tasteful” and “a nice addition to the street scape.”

Howard Street has been the focus of many improvement efforts over many years. Will the recent changes make a difference, or are they just the latest twist in Howard Street’s shaggy dog story?


  • Guest 5 years

    I guess if you believe in the broken windows theory, then projects like this help. It’s an area with great fundamentals (close to the lake, the el, great housing stock, surrounded by higher rent parts of Chicago and Evanston). Most rational observers would have picked this area to at least somewhat gentrify years ago, but then again, the housing market is not always rational.