The hard-to-miss signage for SoNo East

The honking RENT NOW! sign for SoNo East apartments, 840 W Blackhawk St, is atop SoNo West. It’s hard to miss even from points that are miles away. Below are some recent shots from 1157 W Diversey, 629 W Deming and 2850 N Sheridan.

The on-site signage is even more difficult to miss.

The south portico of the building is mercifully free of commands.


  • nwzimmer 6 years

    I’m sure all the owners at SoNo West just love that…

    I think this was discussed a while back, maybe on cribchatter; but wouldn’t the SoNo West building be turned over to the association by now?

    So presumably the developer of SoNo East wouldn’t just be able to put anything they want on SoNo West; they’d have to get the permission of the association and (again, presumably) pay them for the opportunity.

  • The building was turned over some time ago. I’m speculating that the developer retained rights for the signage in the Declaration.

    Here’s an interview from September of 2010 with the Board President of SoNo West:

  • Sono West Chicago 6 years

    This sign is not appealing to most people, especially those who own units in the building that says “rent now”. Word is sign was put there as part of an agreement. Should have leased it to Geico and stole the blimp’s business