The highest outdoor pool in the Gold Coast

It’s no secret that YoChicago loves video – in part because it’s one of the services we offer to advertisers, but mostly because we think it’s the best way to get familiar with the faces, places and spaces of your next home.

Regular visitors to YoChicago know that we frequently spotlight interesting real estate video from many sources. We’ll soon be expanding to make it easy for you to find the best local videos, in addition to our own.

Chicago landlords have been slow to take advantage of video, but one – Planned Property – has made a major commitment to the medium. The above video is 31 stories up in the Gold Coast, at 1111 N Dearborn St, and the one below, also at a rooftop pool, at 1120 N LaSalle St.

You can see all of Planned Property’s videos at YouTube.


  • boiztwn 7 years

    Slick ads. Flirts with the looming scepter of FFHA violations, though. Using people in advertising, to my cautious mind, is always a bad idea. It denotes exclusivity of the litigious kind.

  • boiztwn,

    If you look at the range of ads this company has produced, you’ll see a range of people featured in them. It requires a close look, but I think I also see some diversity in these videos.

    I agree that there’s a risk when you use people in ads. The risk is somewhat lessened when the ads are in general circulation media rather than targeted in a discriminatory fashion.

    We monitor fair housing compliance in print ads for our major broker clients throughout the country, and are very sensitive to the issues involved. Fair housing has been somewhat of a passion of mine since the 60s, when I worked and marched in favor of open housing laws in Milwaukee. I strongly doubt that HUD would target a company based solely on these ads, although there’s never any certainty about that.