The hole-in-the-ground gang talks about the Spire

In this fascinating two-part video the architect, developer and members of the construction and engineering teams talk about the technical challenges of building the Chicago Spire and how they surmounted them.

The financial and marketing challenges proved far more daunting than the design, environmental and engineering ones and the Spire, though buildable, remains unbuilt.

You can see more of our aerial photos of Chicago at Flickr.


  • CaptainVideo 7 years

    Too bad it was not built before the housing bubble collapsed. It would have been an insanely great addition to the skyline. With the bubble collapse, much of it would have been empty for a while, just as was the case with the Empire State Building, but with the current strong rental market, by now much of it would be rented out. Of course, the developers would have lost their shirts.