The May apartment hunt starts now

Apartment rentals have become less seasonal than in years past, when the majority of leases turned over on May 1st or October 1st, but many more apartments still become available in May than in the typical month.

On the first of this month, many Chicago landlords sent notices to tenants asking about their intentions to renew leases expiring April 30.

The answers are beginning to trickle in, and you’ll soon see a growing number of apartments advertised for May availability.

The most desirable of those apartments will be snapped up almost immediately – and you won’t find them through the bedbugs (apartment rental services).

As May 1st approaches, the remaining rental inventory will become progressively less attractive. If you’ve ever hunted for an apartment in Chicago, you know that “less attractive” means “mostly downright awful.”

If you’re planning a move for May 1st, begin your search now. And don’t let the bedbugs bite.

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