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Welcome to the Oct. 2, 2006 edition of the carnival of real estate, hosted by For those who aren’t familiar with the carnival concept, it’s a good way to sample the best posts online about a given topic – in this case real estate – edited and collected in a convenient post at a designated host site. This week we bring you more than 30 posts from across the Web. Some are enlightening and thought-provoking, others quirky and funny, and some lazy and sloppy. Starting with the best…

Our pick of the week:

Rudolph D. Bachraty III presents 2 Bloggers Set Single Day Blogging Record: 102 Posts posted at sellsius real estate blog. We can’t pretend to have read each of the more than 200 posts this feat includes, but we have to salute the sheer fortitude required for a blog-off on this scale. The impressive thing here is not the number of posts by participants Greg Swann of BloodhoundBlog and Ardell DellaLoggia of Seattle Area Real Estate Blog but the surprising quality of many of these posts, given the quantity (sure, there are lame ones too, but come on – 100 posts in a day? When’s the last time you created 100 of anything in 24 hours). For instance…
Greg Swann presents For real estate promotion, the business card form factor is a tiny little workhorse . . . posted at BloodhoundBlog — The weblog of Greg explores the ways in which the lowly business card can do just about everything, short of driving clients to the next house: “In cost-benefit terms, the business card form factor may be the perfect print ad medium.” And…

Ardell DellaLoggia presents Free agent? Seattle says NO! posted at Seattle Area Real Estate Blog. Ardell takes Home Buyer’s Information Center, a site she generally likes, to task for patronizing buyers. The site, she writes, implies that “they do not have to worry their pretty little heads about how the agent, who is their buyer’s agent, is getting paid.”

Our top 5 picks:

Dan Melson presents Should Negative Amortization Loans Be Banned? posted at Searchlight Crusade. Given the misleading marketing and poor disclosure that surrounds these loans, banning them is tempting, but there are good reasons for keeping them.

Anesia Springborn presents Our New Home That Looks Old posted at The Landlord Blog. A buyer’s cautionary tale about buying new construction and the not uncommon issues surrounding quality and accountability.

Clifford Jacobson presents Real Estate Search Marketing And The “What Ifs” posted at Clifford Jacobson. Lots of food for thought regarding real estate search for buyers, sellers, brokers and others.

Maureen Francis presents The Very Sad House posted at The tell-tale signs, obvious and not so, that create a “sad house” – and lower your sales price.

Jonathan J. Miller presents Predicting The Fed’s Next Move (With ChartJunk) posted at Matrix. Will mortgage rates go up? Some fun charts help you predict the Fed’s next moves – no crystal ball required.

More posts in no particular order:

A Samuel presents Talkback Msn Money Low Cost Airlines Part 2 posted at A daily shot of off plan property launches & new development news.

Super Saver presents Using Your House as Retirement Savings posted at My Wealth Builder.Kris Berg presents Story Time – Part Two of the Redfin Debate posted at San Diego Home Blog.

Clifford Jacobson presents Real Estate Search Marketing And The Google Playbook posted at Clifford Jacobson.

David Lorenzo presents The Five Habits that Make You More Money posted at Sales Intensity.

Tommy Unger presents The Shire in Bend, OR posted at Zillow Blog.

Grunt presents The Cost of Construction posted at Property Grunt.

David Porter presents Do I need a Land Survey when I buy real estate? posted at Pacesetter Mortgage Blog.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Bush’s Burst Bubble posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Roberta Murphy presents Real Estate Blog – Long Tail: 101 posted at The Real View.

Aaron Dickinson – Edina Realty presents Buyers: Now is the Time to Buy posted at Minneapolis Real Estate Market Update.

Cameron Henkel presents Resort Living 2.0 posted at Dave Gooden.

Preston D K presents Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Makes Green Building Insurance Products Available posted at Jetson Green.

The Landlord presents Property Managers – a new look posted at Lording the Land.

Jonathan Dalton presents Real Estate Blog – Everyone Wins when Nobody Loses posted at Jonathan’s Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Blog.

Renthusiast presents 21st century “Wapping” posted at Renthusiast.

Dan Green presents Q & A: Should I Buy or Should I Wait posted at The Mortgage Reports.

Tommy Unger presents For Sale: the Empire State Building posted at Zillow Blog.

Kevin Kneupper presents Compare Average Home Prices By State posted at Free the Drones.

Sagar Satapathy presents Home Loan Tips For First Timers posted at Home Loan Tips For First Timers.

David Porter presents Why do Mortgage Lenders/Brokers sell my Mortgage Loan? posted at Pacesetter Mortgage Blog.

Greg Swann presents Blogoff Post #1: Cry, ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the war of blogs . . . posted at BloodhoundBlog — The weblog of

Harrison presents 6 Ideas to know how much rent your should charge for your rental property posted at Journey To Financial Freedom.

Jay Thompson presents MLS Registration Required – Not Here Folks! posted at The Phoenix Real Estate Guy.

That concludes this edition.

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