The ugliest townhouse: a YoChicago year-end contest

As we close out 2007, we invite our readers to chime in on that most poignant of year-end topics: the ugliest townhouse in Chicago.

We’ve seen some real winners delivered in 2007, but we’ll play it safe and keep our voice out of the nomination process.

Submit your cringe-worthy candidates in the comments section below, or email them to our fearless editorial team. Photos and anecdotes are greatly encouraged.

We’ve pledged to spend long evenings drinking eggnog and poring over your submissions to decide on the absolute ugliest candidate for 2007. The lucky winner gets a YoChicago t-shirt and yo-yo.


  • good for some 10 years
  • Stokes 10 years

    Oh my god, it has to be on Monroe between Racine and Aberdeen in the West Loop.

  • Patrick Rollens 10 years

    Ok, we’ve tallied Stokes’ nomination for the block o’ brick on Monroe. Anyone else have a likely candidate?

  • cklaus 10 years

    The northeast corner of wrightwood ashland cinder blocks for dayyys also

    campus green aging ok but straight outta 72
    garibaldi not aging well
    westgate terrace almost looks like sec 8 now

  • pratfall 10 years

    University Villiage. The whole thing. It’s like Schaumburg ate some bad salmon and puked on the south loop.

  • emdub 10 years

    that goddawful boat of a building across from Sultan’s Market on North ave. Awful.