The views from Marina City’s rooftop

The weather was ideal late Friday morning as I headed for the roof of the 61-story west tower at Marina City.

I was alone on the roof except for a young visitor from Santa Monica who professed to be mightily impressed with the scale of Chicago. It is impressive.

I snapped 100s of photos in nearly two hours on the roof. In addition to the ones posted here, I’ve posted a few at Flickr.

There’s a strong sibling relationship between Hubbard Place and Kingsbury Plaza, both designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz.

Mather Tower’s original cupola fell into disrepair and was demolished in 2000 and replaced with the current one in 2002.


  • Austin 4 years

    Hello. just curious if your not a resident, can you still visit the rooftop? is there a fee? thank you

  • Austin,

    The rooftop is not open to the public. You’d have to visit as a guest of someone who lives there.

    • Joe black 3 years

      What do you mean visit as a guest? Do residents at marina city have a key card or key of their own to access the rooftop?

  • Joe black,

    Residents have access to the roof deck and take guests there. I was a guest of management.